Offering proofreading, content editing, and encouragement for academics since 2009.

We offer a pair of professional eyes to catch any weaknesses before you send your manuscript to journals or publishing houses. We offer four popular services for academic authors:

  1. Academic proofreading
  2. Academic proofreading & editing package
  3. Reference style check
  4. Graduate student help

Proofreading — For final drafts. With this service, you can ensure that your message is clear and that your manuscript is free of embarassing language errors. From 2¢ per word (2.5¢ for ESL writers). 

Proofreading & editing package  — For second drafts. This service will help polish your organization, your arguments, and your writing style. From 3¢ per word (3.5¢ for ESL writers). 

Reference style check — For final drafts. Request this additional service if you need help following your publisher’s style guidelines. Add 0.5¢ per word.

Graduate student help — For Masters and PhD students who have mastery in their field of study but need some assistance getting the quality of their writing up to academic standards. This service includes basic proofreading, language editing, and a reference check — as well as tips to improve your writing in the future. From 2¢ per word (2.5¢ for ESL writers).

Where has our editing been published?

Praeger Publishers Journal of European Integration • Journal of Physics in Medicine and Biology Bulletin for the History of Chemistry River Research and Applications Teaching and Learning in Medicine International Journal of Educational Research Journal of School Choice Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies Journal of Interactive Learning Environments Social Networks Journal Centre for Media Pedagogy • More


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We offer proofreading, editing, copyediting / copy editing, and manuscript critiques for English language authors, academic writers, and novelists in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We  proofread, edit, copyedit / copy edit manuscripts, articles, thesis papers, novels, books, biographies for authors, self-published authors, self-publishing authors, new authors, writers, academics. We are certified editors, proofreaders / proof readers, and story specialists.

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